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Ritchie Industries CC was born in 1995 as Ritchie Screenprint trading as a commission printer of various substrates including textiles (T-shirts and bumper stickers! :). Ritchie then incorporated digital printing and manufacturing of printed products including portable outdoor branded equipment, foam products and various plastic products that it manufactured and supplied mainly to promotional agents and corporate organisations. Manufacturing became extremely diverse and competitive and in 2004, a decision was taken to focus on unique products and inventions resulting in a significantly down-scaled specialised manufacturing operation with unique value-added selling points. Feva is the new foam rubber manufacturing operation and Ritchie Industries areas of focus include:


Inspired by mountain biking and children, the Feva Starseat was invented by Ritchie Buttle for his eldest son Camran age 2. It is an accessory child seat for an adult bicycle. Manufactured by Feva Foam Products near Plettenberg Bay in South Africa it is distributed locally and Internationally and has a U.S.Patent pending.<div class="slider_caption"><a class="slider_button" href="http://starseat.co.za" title="Visit Star Seat for Kids Bike seats">Visit Star Seat</a></div>

Foam Products

With years of experience printing and converting foam rubber, Ritchie Industries recently launched FEVA (The name is derived from Foam Ethyl Vinyl Acetate). Feva specialises in manufacturing of foam products including converting expanded closed cell foams like EVA, EPDM and PE. Manufacturing facilities include: Printing, laminating, die-cutting, routing, moulding and sewing. Products like foam peaks, sun visors or flip flops are either custom manufactured for Corporate promotional purposes or sold via retail outlets displaying in-house brands incl. Eagle Golf, Plett Freestyle, Elite Athlete and Starseat.<div class="slider_caption"><a class="slider_button" href="http://fevafoam.co.za" title="VIsit Fevafoam for Foam Rubber Products">Visit Fevafoam</a></div>

Product Development

With a passion for inventing and manufacturing, experience in moulding, printing, fabrication,, design and working with patents, Ritchie Industries is always interested in exciting new projects that fall within the scope of its expertise and ability to manufacture. Selected projects include developing products using recycled rubber crumb under the trademark Tyretuff, and Digisprint a unique and innovative print process for unstable substrates like foam rubber that is crucial to the progress and development of Feva. These projects are influenced by modern technology and environmental concerns.<div class="slider_caption"><a class="slider_button" href="http://ritchie.co.za/product-development/" title="Read more about Foam Rubber Product Development">Read More</a></div>

Quality Printing

Ritchie Industries has a wealth of experience in a variety of print processes on different substrates. This valuable experience played an integral role in the development of "DigiSprint", a unique print process that has evolved by using the latest environmentally friendly, print technology. DigiSprint is particularly suitable for unstable substrates and can be applied to almost any surface.<div class="slider_caption"><a class="slider_button" href="http://ritchie.co.za/product-printing-branding/" title="Read more about our latest environmentally friendly, print technology">Read More</a></div>

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